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Anne-Marie Riedinger

ANaplastologie - Anne-Marie Riedinger  
Anne-Marie Riedinger founded the Centre d'Epithèses Faciales (Facial Prosthetics Centre) in Strasbourg in 1985.
  • Approved prosthetist.
  • Qualified Medical Illustrator graduating from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, 1982
  • Certified Clinical Anaplastologist (Board of Certification in Clinical Anaplastology), 2006
  • Anerkannten Epihethikerin (International Association of Surgical Prosthetics and Epithetics), 1997

Facial Reconstruction Artist

With over 25 years of experience, Anne-Marie Riedinger produces incredibly life-like facial epitheses combining her artistic talents with her sound scientific background and a fine mastery of the techniques involved. She has perfected the art and science of sculpting facial prosthetics to make them both attractive and easy to use. Her epitheses blend into the contours of the face, subtly reproducing the supple texture, translucency and colouring of the skin.

Working in close contact with the patient

Working side by side with the very best French surgeons, Anne-Marie Riedinger also works in close cooperation with her patients for the sculpting and colouring processes.
She constantly applies innovative techniques from the world over and develops her own research in the field to ensure optimum rehabilitation for her patients.

Career Path

ANaplastologie - Career Path In 1983, Anne-Marie Riedinger was awarded a study scholarship to specialize in Anaplastology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

She rapidly became a well-known figure on the international scene when she co-founded the European Association of Médical and Scientific Illustrators

In France, Anne-Marie Riedinger pioneered making bone-anchored facial prosthetics in 1986 in collaboration with Necker Enfants Malades Hopsital in Paris.

She has given a number of conference lectures and run workshops on the international circuit, acted as moderator for round tables with eminent international specialists and has published articles in professional reviews around the world.

Surgical Consultant

She is also a Surgical Consultant for integrating implants with a view to rehabilitating patients via bone-anchored facial prosthetics.

Training activities

She taught and treated patients at the Fondation Branemark, in Bauru, Brazil in October 2010, and also in in Tampa, Florida, USA, where she gave advanced classes for anaplastologists, and has run workshops and treated a patient for the IAA.
Furthermore, she has taught Medical Illustration at the ESADS in Strasbourg (1996-2000)

She is currently President of the Syndicat des Epithésistes Français (SEF), and has also been President of the International Anaplastology Association (2009-2011).

The Master, Leonardo da Vinci

ANaplastologie - The Master, Leonardo da Vinci
"His life and work have been a great inspiration for me. I feel it natural to pay homage to this demanding medical and scientific illustrator, researcher and artist who constantly called himself into question." 

Anne-Marie Riedinger