Skin colors

Selecting silicones

ANaplastologie - Selecting silicones We use a broad variety of top quality, medical-grade silicones to make our facial epitheses. These silicones are selected according to the properties of the prosthesis and the desired result. If, for example, the skin is fragile and delicate, very supple silicones can be used in contact with the skin or within a cavity. Slightly firmer silicones may be chosen for the cartilaginous sections, the edges and the sections surrounding the magnets, which must be very resistant.

Finding the right shade

ANaplastologie - Finding the right shade Getting the colouring right is a personalised process and the tints used will be mixed individually for each patient. Several techniques may be used depending on the type of epithesis and the properties of the silicones selected to match your needs. Sometimes the shades may be painted inside the mould, and sometimes they will be applied in several layers using an innovative process developed in our laboratory. In some cases the modelling is carried out directly with the patient. In every case, our aim is to recreate the colouring and translucency of the skin and the particularities of the skin's tints.