individual assessment

procedure - consultation

Patients are referred to the Centre d'Epithèses Faciales (Facial Prosthetics Centre) by their doctor or surgeon. During the first consultation, an individual assessment is carried out. We talk with the patients and the options for rehabilitation using a facial prosthesis are clearly explained. We also discuss the different methods of attaching the prosthesis, taking the medical and technical constraints into account.
The method of retention is selected specifically for each case in collaboration with the medical team and the patient's wishes.

Everyone is unique and needs personalised treatment.

Work on a facial prosthesis or epithesis can start rapidly if there are no medical counter-indications or deadlines that have to be respected, such as radiotherapy sessions or following a surgical operation or. Production time depends on the complexity of the medical condition.

During the first consultation, the following phases are addressed:
- assessment of your condition
- potential for rehabilitation using a facial prosthesis
- retention methods
- whether your treatment can be covered by the national health service
- number of consultations and estimate of the time required