Auricular epithesis

An auricular prosthesis, or epithesis, is indicated for the rehabilitation of a congenital malformation, following an illness (e.g. the ablation of a tumour) or after a trauma (accident, burn).
This alternative to cosmetic reconstructive surgery is especially indicated for burns and illnesses and gives excellent cosmetic results by restoring symmetry. The pinna often helps patients locate sound better.

An auricular prosthesis is made to measure and identical to the ear on the other side. It is flexible and resistant, fits perfectly onto the skin and blends in with the contours of the face, reproducing its texture and colouring to the finest degree.
Most of our auricular epitheses are anchored into the bone. This means that implants are fixed into the mastoid bone by the surgeon and clips or magnets are placed on the back of the epithesis to hold it in place. This technique means the prosthesis is easily put on, held securely in place and easy to clean.
Sometimes, an auricular prosthesis is attached using a biological adhesive which holds the epithesis directly against the skin. This is an easy way of fitting the epithesis which is sometimes temporary while awaiting reconstructive surgery or for implants to be fitted. 

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